Medical English 

 Canadian Certification

 North American Practice Oriented

 Developed for health professionals in Canada


This innovative Medical English program is highly interactive and was designed to train medical professionals in Canada.

It is now available in Latin America for those interested in venturing into international medicine. By the end of the program, you will be able to interact with your colleagues abroad and care for patients from places like Europe and North America.

Profesional Benefits

  • Qualifications for advanced studies
  • International career opportunities
  • Start your international patient practice
  • Includes English Speaking lessons so you can effectively communicate with your patients and colleagues

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Program Details



Our Medical English program trains professionals to have knowledge of medical terminology, including human anatomy, physiology, medical treatments, and pharmacology. This program is ideal for professionals in the medical fields, medical therapies, and medical laboratories who want an expert level of English in the medical field. Doctors, nurses, and other medical therapists who want to improve their English proficiency for their profession will benefit from this program.

In addition to the technical area, our program also focuses in the key soft skill for physicians with live English speaking lessons.

Power Speaking

Learn to say: Sheep / Ship / Chip as the natives do. Learn to speak in professional meetings. 

Elite Speaking

Reach the level of fluency that enables you to speak in public, clearly and with confidence. Engage in serious discussions with your peers and patients. 


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Profesional Opportunities:

Graduates of the Medical English program will be preferred by practices and clinics with international patients, where proficiency in English is essential for the success of the institution. Due to the increase in international travel for medical procedures, improvements in personal image standards, and advances in medical technology, job opportunities continue to grow. Professionals who graduate from our Medical English program can expand their client base from a local market to include international populations such as North America and Europe.

Program Description:

This course teaches you how to read, spell, pronounce, and interpret commonly used abbreviations and terms in medicine. Each body system is covered in detail from an anatomical, pathological, and clinical perspective, as well as body plans, directions, and positions. Also included is a section on pharmacology (drugs) and oncology (the study and treatment of cancer) terminology. Each chapter provides activities for self-assessment of knowledge acquisition, as well as a large number of diagrams that relate medical terms to the structure and function of the human body.


After completing our Medical English program, you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of medical terminology
  • Use medical language to interact with international professionals
  • Analyze basic medical words, prefixes, suffixes and their meanings
  • Pronounce medical terms correctly
  • Identify common medical disorders and symptoms for each body system
  • Interpret medical treatments, abbreviations, and common acronyms
  • Define common disease-related terms
  • Define Common Pharmacological Terms
  • Recite common laboratory and diagnostic terms
  • Achieve 70% or higher on program assignments and chapter exams
  • Be certified in Canada with CSC College with a score of 75% or higher on the final exam

All activities and exams throughout the program are open book, which means that you can use the resources and syllabi to help you in the exam environment..


  • Chapter 1 – Terminology Basics
  • Chapter 2 – Structures of the Body, Movement & Color
  • Chapter 3 – Integumentary System
  • Chapter 4 – Musculoskeletal System
  • Chapter 5 – Cardiovascular System
  • Chapter 6 – Hematology, Lymphatic and Immune System, and Oncology
  • Chapter 7 – Respiratory System
  • Chapter 8 – Nervous System & Behavioral Health
  • Chapter 9 – Endocrine System
  • Chapter 10 – Special Senses
  • Chapter 11 – Digestive System
  • Chapter 12 – Genitourinary System
  • Chapter 13 – Reproductive System
  • Chapter 14 – Obstetrics & Neonatology
  • Chapter 15 – Pediatrics
  • Chapter 16 – Pharmacology
  • Chapter 17 – Diagnostic Data

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Total Program Cost: us$1600
Duration: 4 months

If you need to improve your English proficiency before you study our Medical English program, we have the solution for you. Our online Intensive English program gives you the necessary foundation to study Medical English.

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