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  • Concentration in key subjects
  • Speak clearly
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Lessons focused on four fields that count for the

IELTS score



Identifying accents, capturing intent and details, idioms.

Administration de Oficina Medica


Learn to understand the intent hidden between the words, the small print.


Review your short essay with our teachers. Coherence and cohesion,
grammatical accuracy.

Administrador de Oficina Medica


Fluency and coherence,
grammatical range and precision,

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 The meaning or your IELTS score

9.0 Experto

Fully operational command of the language. Use of English is appropriate, accurate, fluent, and fully understood.

8.0 Excelente

Fully working command of the language, with occasional non-systematic inaccuracies. May misinterpret in unfamiliar situations. Good handling of complex and detailed arguments.

7.0 Bueno

Operational command of the language, with occasional inaccuracies, and misunderstandings in some situations. Good general command of complex language and detailed understanding of arguments.

6.0 Competente

Effective command of the language despite some inaccuracies, inappropriate use, or misunderstandings. Understanding and using complex forms, particularly in familiar situations.

5.0 Modesto

Partial command of the language and handles general meaning in most situations, although many mistakes are likely. Management of basic communication in their own field.

4.0 Limitado

Effective in familiar situations. Frequent comprehension and expression problems. Inability to use complex language.

3.0 Extremadamente limitado

Transmission and understanding of general meaning in very familiar situations. Frequent interruptions in communication.

2.0 Intermitente

Great difficulty understanding spoken and written English.

 Score required by some colleges

Focus College, 6.0 or 5 Star English
Carleton University, 6.5
University of Windsor, 6.5
University of Ottawa, 6.5
University of Waterloo, 6.5
Seneca College, 6.0
Sheridan College, 6.0
Humber College, 6.0