Idiomo Team

Idiomo Canada staff is in charge of giving you personalized attention, and ensuring that Idiomo Canada gives you the best advice to study with Canadian schools, online and onsite.

Our Idiomo team has extensive experience in Canadian education. Some have lived and worked in various cities in Canada. As experts in Canadian life, they can guide you in aspects ranging from the cost of living, the climate you will find, the necessary clothing to live comfortably, and the best places to visit.

 Admissions and Student Support


  • Administrative Supervisor
  • Yuly has been with Idiomo Canada since its inception and knows Idiomo’s ins and outs. She loves to interact with our students and will do everything to help them. She keeps our Idiomo team going. Yuly really likes to drive, biking and spending time outdoors.

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  • Team Lead
  • Winny has eight years of experience as a commercial executive. She is a very determined and demanding person, bordering perfectionist. She loves to spend time with her son, and indulge in eating, sleeping, and watching series on Netflix.

  +1 (587) 672-1272 

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Ana Luz

  • Team Lead
  • Ana is one of our most senior supervisors. She is all about giving our students the best possible advise and great customer support. Ana is demanding and competitive. She likes to cook, travel and learn new things.

  +1 (587) 966-3149 

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  • Team Lead
  • Hi, I’m Maru. I have a degree in Business Administration, with background as publicist, vibrational coach and event planner. I am a dynamic, enthusiastic, creative person, dedicated to personal growth. I love listening to music physical training.

  +1 (587) 672-1217 

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 International Representatives


  • Who Are They
  • Our International Representatives carry our Canadian values and culture with them while traveling and living abroad.
  • They have been valuable members of their communities in Canada for many years.
  • We are very proud of having them in our Idiomo team.

Sandra Landesman

  • International Representative
  • Sandra holds Bachelors degrees in Business Administration in Social Work. She has worked as an advocate for a Canadian government sponsored, non-profit organization in a School Settlement program supporting new immigrants to Canada. She moved with her husband Michael to the Riviera Maya in Mexico, where she is helping another generation of students build their language skills and expand their opportunities.

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 Idiomo Team in Our Partner Schools


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 Onsite Directors


Idiomo Canada Carlos Diaz

  • Academic Director
  • Carlos has a Masters and PhD. degrees from Ohio State University. He is based in Calgary, and has over twenty years of experience in international studies. He is an active promoter of bilingual and international education for all in Latin America.
    His favorite place to travel is the Okanagan Valley in BC. Carlos is also an expert in Alberta culture and geography.

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  • Financial Director
  • Leonel has a Masters degree from University of Findlay. He is based in Calgary, and has many years of experience in the labor market in Canada. He is on top of the employment situation and opportunities in Canada. Leonel favorite place in Canada is Quebec City. When he is not at work he is likely to be traveling or reading about the economy in Canada.

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Idiomo Canada Jose Diaz

  • Strategic Director
  • José has a Masters degree from Saint Joseph University and diplomas from Harvard and Cornell University. He is based in Calgary and has over twenty years of experience in international studies and business development. Jose favorite place to travel is the national parks in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, located only an hour and a half from his residence.

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