Business English

Developed in Canada in Consultation with Business Leaders

Skills for the Modern Business Environment

Native Speaking Teachers

“Business English gives you the communication skills to get work and keep working. Skills for the modern business environment are the key to survival in the modern workforce. Hiring trends prove that.”

Learn to

  • Prepare a CV that will get the recruiter attention
  • Speak fluently and professionally like a business person
  • Communicate effectively with clients at the management level
  • Prepare presentations that will impress your supervisors
  • Speak publicly clearly and with confidence

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Three Specialized Modules

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First Module

Professional Speech and Terminology

This course covers a comprehensive overview of essential parts of English oral communication. The topics covered in Business Speaking are chosen to reflect the problem areas that most non-native language speakers experience, such as consonant, vowels, word stress, and intonation.  

Second Module

Professional Writing 

This course provides instruction in steps, builds writing, reading, and critical thinking, and combines paragraph writing and composition. Our Professional Business Writing course addresses a wide range of writing levels and abilities, improving your business writing skills for a successful career.

Third Module

Modern Communications

The Conference Board of Canada lists modern communication skills as the most important to enter, stay in, and progress in the 21st century workplace. This course includes a communications skill set with the keys to survival in the modern workforce. Learn how to prepare an outstanding resume, professional email, impressive presentations, and modern electronic business documents.

Succeed in your next interview

Application and Admission: us$95

What’s Included

  • Four week duration per course
  • Live lessons
  • Interactive study material by North American universities
  • Idiomo Canada Certificate of Completion 



Total cost per Module: us$295

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Admission Requirements Business English


First Module:

Achieved at least two year college diploma

Minimum 18 years of age

English Requirements:

Second Module:

Achieved at least two year college diploma

Minimum 18 years of age

English Requirements:

Third Module:

Achieved at least two year college diploma

Minimum 18 years of age

English Requirements:


Business English Curriculum


First Module – Professional Speech and Terminology


1. Segmentals: Consonants
2. Segmentals: Vowels
3. Word Stress
4. Prominence
5. Intonation
6. Common Mistakes
7. Better Ways to Say
8. Professionally Say
9. Speak Politely
10. Email Phrases for Business English communication
11. Words and Phrases for Business Negotiations
12. Essential Business English Phrases
13. Intercultural Communication

Second Module – Professional Writing


1. Writing Basics: What Makes a Good Sentence?
2. Punctuation
3. Working with Words: Which Word Is Right?
4. Writing Paragraphs: Separating Ideas and Shaping Content
5. Refining Your Writing: How Do I Improve My Writing Technique?
6. The Writing Process: How Do I Begin?
7. Writing Essays: From Start to Finish
8. Effective Business English Writing
9. Writing Preparation
10. Writing
11. Revising and Presenting Your Writing
12. Business Writing in Action
13. APA and MLA Documentation and Formatting

Third Module – Modern Communications

administration de empresas estudio canada


1. The Job Search Process
2. Resumes and Cover Letters
3. Interview Skills
4. The Online Application Process
5. Informative and Persuasive Presentations
6. Delivering A Presentation
7. Visual Aids
8. Graphic Illustrations and The Infographic
9. Emailing
10. Netiquette and Social Media
11. Texting and Instant Messaging
12. Proposals
13. Complaints and Claims
14. Persuasive Messages

Idiomo may modify the curriculum at our own discretion as business practices and priorities change overtime.