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After a few months in our programs, our students improve:

  • Speaking fluency
  • Comprehension at native level
  • Communication with native speakers
  • Business communication

The Natural Learning methodology was developed by Dr. Stephen Krashen of the University of Southern California and Dr. Tracy Terrell of the University of California.

This methodology has been implemented by Idiomo Canada in all our corporate solutions.

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 Some of our
Important Corporate Clients

Little Worlds

Little Worlds Learning Center is a kindergarten in Calgary, Canada, knows as the premium institution for English-Spanish bilingual preschool education.

To bring Little Worlds teachers English proficiency to a working level in Canada, Little Worlds selected Idiomo Canada:

Intensive English

Little Worlds Website


Worley, with operations on every continent, is a world leader in engineering and construction mega-projects, from mining to power generation.

To help Worley professionals in Colombia achieve corporate English at a native level, Worley selected Idiomo Canada:

English Speaking

Intensive English

Worley Website


Minesa is a mining company focused on the development of the Soto Norte gold project in Colombia. It has the support of Mubadala Investment Company,  Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 

To bring Minesa staff English proficiency to their required International working level, Minesa selected Idiomo Canada: 

Intensive English

Minesa Website


Octupustech is a premier provider of technological solutions for hundreds of companies in Ecuador and Latin America.

To help their professionals in Ecuador project their business English internationally, Octupustech selected Idiomo Canada:

English Speaking

Intensive English

Business English

Octupustech Website

Your Company

Stay ahead of the competition.

Your valuable staff will improve their productivity and bring new business opportunities. Select the program that fits your needs:

Business English

English Speaking

Intensive English

Programs also available onsite in major Canadian cities

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Corporate Benefits

 Corporate solutions that fit your corporate needs

 Discussion topics related to business areas

 Improved employee engagement performance

 Improved employee disposition to take on challenging roles

 Improved corporate image and reputation 

 Access to Idiomo Canada management staff


Our Teachers

  • Are native English speakers  
  • Are friendly, attentive and great facilitators
  • Are patient with students that are catching up
  • Are experts in teaching English to non-native speakers

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